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Create Focus, Alignment and Results with OKRs

Because your goals are no better than your ability to execute them.

Get Control Of Your Goals With NOKRs

OKR stands for Objective & Key Results, and is a popular management framework used by companies such as Google, Linkedin, Facebook and Amazon to implement their strategy and achieve their goals. NOKRs is a dedicated OKR management system developed in Scandinavia by leading experts.


Make your vision and strategy easy and understandable for everyone in the organization.


Get a full overview on who is working on what in the organization.

Focus and alignment

Ensure that everyone in the organization works towards achieving the same Objectives.

Better Results In A Faster Flow

NOKRs helps you and your employees achieve all of the benefits the OKR framework provides:

Delivery of value in a faster flow with an agile approach to goalsetting and execution

Continuous improvement of performance through iterative processes where problems are resolved quickly, and new improvements are implemented

Optimization of cross functional collaboration and communication through shared objectives

A system that help managers and employees prioritize, align and measure the result of the work they perform

Transparency and a shared focus on a faster delivery of value to your customers

Achieve Your Goals Together

NOKRs helps companies focus on, communicate and execute the objectives that are most important at any given time. The process creates alignment across the organization and ensures that everyone is moving in the same direction, while working to achieve the organizations top priorities.

Full Transparency

Get an overview of your organization’s main goals and see what your colleagues and employees are working on right now.

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