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Questions About NOKRS?

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What is NOKRs?

NOKRs is a dedicated software system delivered as a SaaS solution, that helps organizations achieve and optimize all of the benefits that the OKR framework provides.

How do I gain access to NOKRs?

NOKRs is delivered as a SaaS system which is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. This means that NOKRs can be used from any device whether it is a personal pc or a smartphone. As long as there is an internet connection NOKRs is at your disposal. To gain access, please contact us and we will arrange your access depending on your needs.

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The benefits of using NOKRs and the OKR framework.

The benefits of using NOKRs to implement the OKR framework include increased focus, greater transparency and improved alignment. The management system helps companies focus on what is most important to achieve in relation to the organization’s overall vision and goals. The goals are continuously broken down into sub-goals (OKRs), which are achieved by executing flexible action plans across a series of iterations. This ensures that all the company’s employees are moving in the same direction while working to achieve the most important goals.

Who is behind NOKRs?

NOKRs is created by leading experts from Scandinavia. The system is based on research and practical experience teaching and implementing the OKR framework in companies worldwide. From tech giants in Silicon Valley to large enterprises and SMEs in Scandinavia. The differences between the companies are many and large, but the positive effect the teams and companies has been able to achieve in a short amount of time is similar in nature.

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With NOKRs and the OKR framework you achieve:

  • Communication
    The strategy becomes specific and easy to understand for everyone in the organization
  • Alignment
    Everyone in the company works towards achieving the same objective
  • Transparency
    Transparency is created in regard to who is working on what in the organization
  • Agility
    The strategic work is continuously evaluated so that problems are resolved quickly, and new improvements are implementet
  • Focus
    It is ensured that work is done on both the strategic goals and the daily operational goals that are most important to the organization

What is the Objective & Key Results framework?

OKR means Objective and Key Results and is a popular management framework used by companies such as Google, Linkedin, Facebook and Amazon to implement their strategy and achieve their goals. The OKR method is particularly known for its agility and for creating alignment, so that everyone in the company works together towards the achievement of the organizations most important goals.

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Who can use OKRs?

Contrary to what one might think, the OKR framework has not only proven effective in large tech companies. OKR is also used by a large number of other companies from production to retail. Regardless of the company’s size, character and business area, the framework has proven to be successful. NOKRs helps you and your employees achieve all of the benefits the OKR framework provides.

How does NOKRs optimize the use of the OKR framework?

Using NOKRs to optimize the use of the OKR framework is about your company and what the various departments, teams and employees can do to create growth and development. In other words, NOKRs help you achieve your goals and increase the success of your business.

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